Free Woodchips

We will deliver a load of FRESHLY shredded chips (not treated or colored and might contain shredded leaves) and dump them in the specified area (chips and delivery are both free). When we are working in your area and have a full truck load of chips (our trucks hold approximately 10-12 cubic yards that will cover about 1000 sq. ft 2-3 deep) we are happy to stop by and drop them off for you. Pick up or partial truck load delivery is NOT available. Availability is based upon where we are working in relation to your home.

Tree chipping is a common means of removing limbs and branches after they have been cut with a portable tree chippers. When you hire Young’s Tree Tech, LLC , we will include tree chipping in the price of your quote. It does not cost extra to have your tree chipped.

Chipping trees benefits the our customers by condensing the space needed to haul off your removed trees and their limbs. Most of the tree limbs can fit into our portable tree chippers. The chipper is motorized and has sharp blades that chop up the tree limbs and leaves and blows them into the back of their enclosed service truck. Tree chipping is an integral part of having trees cut down. Cutting down a tree always involves getting rid of the material. However, if you want the material left in your yard, please request this at the time of the quote. Most people want to have their yards completely cleaned up when the tree service leaves.